Saturday, October 13, 2012

Movie Bucket List

I have a list of movies, which I add to frequently, that I want to see, over seventy percent of them being rated-R (about fifty total). My sixteen-year-old status is the only thing keeping me from actually seeing them. Correction: my mom is the only thing keeping me, her sixteen-and-a-half-year-old, from seeing them.
I don't quite know what's keeping me from watching the other, lesser-rated ones. There are about fifteen, but the fact is that I'm too lazy to ever get myself to go to Family Video and too forgetful to ever remember to go there when I'm already out of the house. It's a problem.
These movies cover all genres for decades. There are new releases (The Master) and old classics (Casablanca), cheesy romcoms (Going the Distance) and violent horror films (The Exorcist), indie-hits (Like Crazy) and box office winners (Black Swan). They include a few from Mark Duplass (Baghead, Cyrus, Sideways), Leonardo DiCaprio (Revolutionary Road, The Aviator, The Man in the Iron Mask), and some issue-tackling (Philadelphia, Brokeback Mountain, Thank You for Smoking) films.
The point of this post can be pretty loosely interpreted. You could say that I have a problem; that I'm some sort of movie-name hoarder or will never watch any of these at all and die with a thirty-page list of movies I never watched. I like to think of it, though, that I need post only a few hundred words long and this would do.

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